12 months of Jack

4 February 2015

I am SO happy that I kept up with these photos and took them each month. Sometimes a bit late, sometimes 3 weeks late but I did it. I love every photo and it was such fun, especially as he got older! I still remember starting this at the beginning, wow, it really seems like yesterday that I could just prop him up against the cushion and he would stay there.

One thing I learned around the 9 month mark was to be flexible and not expect everything you plan to be perfect and as you wish. Jack would not sit on the chair and have his photo taken at 9 months so I worked with what I had and took the photo while he was asleep.

His 10 month photo I did while we were in South Africa, I decided to be creative and do something a little different. I wasn't 100% pleased but I got the photos.

 I think this also applies with anything in parenthood. You have to go with the flow, let life happen and don't sweat the small stuff. I remember when Jack was first born I had this idea of what I was going to be like as a Mom. I would cook all his meals from scratchl, I would never feed him anything sweet and I would not bring him into bed with us, these just being a few of the proclamations I made.

Well, I have some news for you. I don't always cook from scratch, Ella's Kitchen pouches are a godsend. I sometimes give Jack some cake or a bit of muffin because let's face it, it's not going to kill him. I still bring him into our bed if he wakes for the umpteenth time and it is only 11pm. And you know what. It's OK. You really just have to live and let live. Don't speculate too much.
Do the best you can do, because that is enough.


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