2015 Goals

2 February 2015

Goal.  The object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. 

I will be totally honest from the start.  I have never really been any good at achieving my goals.  In the past I have set targets or had ideas of stuff I want to accomplish but never really been serious about them.  I often just forget about them or they just fade out gradually.  I have never been a new years resolution person.  Its just like setting myself up for disappointment.

So what is different this time? I'm not sure really.  I think I have gotten to a point in my life where I want to get shit done now.  I want to sort out my life.  Sort out these feelings of yearning for another country, sort out my stuff.  Sort out my eating.  Get my shit together.  I have gotten past the first year haze of becoming a mother.  I am back at work and while it is great place and the people are cool, it is not my passion to write minutes, order stationery, organise meetings and make tea and coffee.  My passion lies elsewhere.  Where do you ask?  Um, not really sure but I have ideas.  Ideas I want to try and see if anything comes of it.  I have been thinking and planning and organising and trying for a few months but I get an idea, I get all excited, I do a bit of research then I get side tracked, I lose my inspiration or it seems too much work.  I also lose confidence quickly and what might initially seem like an awesome idea after a few weeks I think actually, no, its stupid.  You can't do that.

But I CAN.  I can do whatever my heart desires.  I can achieve and I can try.  Which is what I am going to do.

So, I have decided to share my goals.  BIG and very small and medium sized.  I know I won't accomplish them all, and that's OK.  But I want to give it a shot.

So - here they are.

1.  Minimise
I want to declutter, purge and organise our stuff.  I don't want to keep things we don't use, I am going to give away clothes I don't wear and I am going to sell stuff we don't need anymore.

2. Write an e-book about becoming sober
I have had so many people contact me asking questions about becoming sober and how I did it.  I would love to share my story in more detail and inspire others who are in need of help.

3.  Start composting all food waste
We have a compost bin in our garden plus we have food bins yet I still throw away our food waste in our regular bin.  I have no excuse - this starts now.  All food waste in Oxfordshire is recycled locally into a biological fertilizer for use on local farmland and renewable electricity is generated as a bi-product during the process.

4.  Have a sugar-free month
This is going to be INCREDIBLY hard for me.  I love cake, biscuits and chocolate in any form.  But I need to do this.

5.  Research and if feasible launch products from my GatheredbyClaire photos.
 I looked into this briefly but gave up.  But I really really really would like to give this a go.  So back to the drawing board I go.

6. Get a monthly editorial calendar going on my blog.
I love blogging, sharing, creating, photography and baking.   I want to make blogging a daily habit of mine.

7. Make a decision about moving to South Africa
We are seriously considering moving to South Africa.  This is a whole blog post within itself but we want to do it and we will if we can but we are still contemplating what to do and a decision will be made based on jobs, finances and where life leads us this year.

8. Take part in daily photo challenges on Instagram
I love love love taking photos and last year took part in so many photo challenges.  I want to get involved again and fuel my creativity.  I can't wait to share more on this and tell you about my favourites.

So that's the list.
Lets do this.


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  1. Claire you are so inspirational to me and I love your bear faced honesty and the way you think. Its like you write what I've been thinking! Your an amazing woman and can most definitely do anything you put your mind to! Xxx


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