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11 February 2015

Recently, as I have not been 100% health wise for about 8 weeks now, I find myself just going through the motions of life.  Tiredness and not feeling great gets me down some days.  Plus having gone back to work part time, it has been all change in our routine and getting to grips with sitting at a desk again.

On reflection, this has made me realise that 2 months have gone by and I haven't really felt present in life.  I have had social outings, conversations with friends, seen family and spent precious time with them, played with Jack, watched his first steps, spent time with Mani and done all my normal day to day things I do without really doing them.  I have been there in these moments but not present and not really conscious of my surroundings and enjoying the moments.

Mindfulness is focusing on one thing, being fully present and really enjoying it.  I am terrible for trying to get a million things done in the shortest time possible.  I think this comes from being a mom with a young babe and knowing you don't have a lot of time to get stuff done so you cram as many tasks as you can into nap time or your evenings as possible.  But this I find wears me out eventually.  I mean, you can be productive but I miss just sitting and doing one thing at a time at a slow pace and doing it mindfully.

So I need to do less.  The only way I can get stuff done properly is to look at my to do list and figure out what is really important and letting go of the stuff that simply isn't.  In the past, as soon as Jack went down for a nap  I would get my to-do list out and start doing stuff straight away including doing a quick tidy, as well as stuff a piece of toast down my throat, wash up, check instagram, take some photos, start cooking supper and hang up the washing.  Now, I boil the kettle, make some toast (or cut a big piece of cake!) and sit on the couch.  I eat. I enjoy my tea.  I sit on the couch and I just, well, sit.  I sip my tea and I enjoy the quiet and the peace.  I relax.  I breathe.  It revives me.

So, today, make it priority to be more mindful.  Listen.  Relax.  Savour your food.  Think about this moment and not what you have to do tonight.  Enjoy the task at hand, even if it is a menial thing like washing up or tidying. Go outside, hear the birds singing and the leaves rustling in the breeze.  Hear people, listen to what they are saying.  Observe.  Smile.  Slow down.  You will be surprised, how after a bit of practice, being mindful can help you really enjoy life and live it to the fullest.


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  1. This is me at the moment. It is amazing how much of a difference being mindful can make to your life my friend x


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