DIY Bedroom Gallery Wall

9 February 2015

For months our feature wall in our bedroom was a blank canvas, just a dark grey paint covered the wall with no sign of personality or things to be seen.  We didn't want to hang impersonal things up for the sake of it so we gradually collected bits and pieces which we wanted above our bed.  We dug out the wooden letters which I spraypainted gold from our wedding and added those onto the wall.  Put up our favourite photo of ourselves from our maternity shoot, one of our favourite shots of Jack, a painting we picked up on our holiday in Italy, various art from South Africa and a photo Mani took in New York.  It is still a work in progress and we continue to add things to it!

I am not like the other super organised woman out there who plot out their wall using paper and tape first, we just hung up the pictures as and when and hoped for the best.  Thankfully, it works well.  Some stuff is hung with the traditional nail and hook, others with our best friend "No More Nails" which is for the more non-traditional shaped items and it works brilliantly and is super easy to take off the wall without losing a chunk of paint, plaster or both.

You don't have to spend a lot to create a wall in your bedroom or lounge - pick up things that mean something to you, get photos printed and framed, paint something yourself or buy something from a friend. Go for quirky things, have different sized items and play around with the space you have.  Create a wall of meaningful, beautiful and handcrafted things in your home that makes for an inviting and homely space.


Beaded Rainbow from local sellers in South Africa | M & C Wooden Letters from ebay | Let's Be Adventurers | Text Print | Frame of Jack from local poundstore | Teabag Art Canvas | New York photo our own and frame from local poundstore | Africa Block Art | Watercolour painting from local seller in Florence |


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  2. You get some free space on your house for hanging photos and other stuffs to looks it gorgeous.

    Thanks for sharing your post!

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