Loving my 50mm lens

10 February 2015

For Christmas I only wanted one thing.  A 50mm f/1.8 lens.  I have had my big girl camera, a Canon 450d for 3 years now and I have never looked back.  I bought it off ebay for £250 second hand and got the 18-55mm kit lens with it.  The kit lens is awesome and can take beautiful shots but all my photography friends raved about the 50mm and said it should be my next lens.

I love the way it captures people, the light and the sharpness of each of my photos.  I am NOT a professional photographer and hardly know anything about photography.  I have a very simple understanding of aperture, shutter speed and ISO etc.  All the photos I take are mostly on manual mode and I play around a lot with different settings.  I love it and photography has become my favourite hobby (along with faffing and baking of course).

Here are a few recent photos I have taken.  I hope you like them.
Can you recommend any lenses?  I am thinking a wide-angle lens might be my next buy!


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