Sugar-Free March

27 February 2015

Guys, I am quite excited.

I have set myself a challenge to go sugar free in March.  If you know me then you know this is a HUGE thing.  I bake on an almost daily basis and I really struggle to go a day without chocolate, cake and/or biscuits.  Especially since I have started back at work again, I find myself grazing on rubbish throughout the day.  To clarify - when I say sugar free I am talking about the processed, refined sugars not natural sugars (found in fruit, honey, dates etc.)

I have gotten into a bad habit of having chocolate after supper.  I crave something sweet with my cup of peppermint tea and a few blocks of chocolate often turns into half a slab or if I have brownies then I have a HUGE slice as well as some ice cream.

So this is going to be interesting!!

It is all just habit - I often don't even think about it anymore and that is why I wanted to do a sugar-free month.  To break the habit as well as set myself a challenge.  Because I do love a challenge.  It is fun and it gives me something to work on as well as the opportunity to try new recipes.

I have seen many of my friends do this - not only go sugar free but totally change their diet and I have always wondered if I could do it.  I also contemplated doing Whole30 but phew that is a whole different ball game and I just don't think I am ready for that.

One thing that also got me interested in this is the opportunity to try different ways of baking - so I can still bake loads of stuff but just without the sugar.  I have found SO MANY different and delicious recipes that I cannot wait to try.  And they are all sugar free.

In March, any recipes I share on the blog will be sugar free ones.  I cannot wait to share these with you as well as see what they are going to taste like.  To give you an idea and a sneek peek - I will be trying some chocolate caramel cups, carrot cake and baked banana custard as well as a few other things.  So basically I can still get my sweet fix but these recipes will contain all natural sugars from honey or fruit.

I am prepared and have been warned that the first few days of March are going to be tough.  I will most certainly get headaches, be very tired and a teeny bit crabby.  But I will push through.

Wish me luck!


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