February 2015

6 March 2015

This year I want to be able to look back at each month and remember what we did.  I want to look at photos and reminisce about moments and fun times.  Last year went by so quickly but I am so appreciative of all the photos I took.  It gives me a chance to remember the awesome, happy and AMAZING things.

This is what February looked like for us.

I pass this blue door in a red wall on my way to work each day.  I love it.
 Spring Delights at my favourite place.  Burford of course.

Birthday tea and cake with friends. 
Spent a lovely Sunday together at Wyatts Garden Centre.  

Helping with the laundry.
I adore this window in our kitchen with the light coming through.

We went for a walk and found this little guy.

Spring sunlight.


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