Jack's new favourite toy

20 March 2015

This afternoon it was warm, and for the first time this year I opened the back doors and we ventured out into our back garden (which is in a bit of a state as the lawn hasn't been mown and we just aren't gardeners!). Mani's mom bought Jack a Little Tike's car which he ADORES. He climbs in and out countless times in the day, shutting the door, turning the steering wheel, holding the key, getting out and then repeating the whole process all over again. I drive him round the house and he squeals with delight and he did the same when I took him around the garden this afternoon. The light was beautiful and it was so lovely to get out in the fresh air without a big coat and scarf and see the green buds on the bushes and trees starting to grow. I cannot wait for summer!

Happy Friday!


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