The bluebells are out

27 April 2015

We are lucky enough to just a 5 minute walk down a little lane from this beautiful wood.  And this is my favourite time of year to visit it, because the floor of the wood becomes engulfed in bluebells.  It is such a beautiful flower, little bells hang from it's stem and they almost sparkle in the sunlight.
When there are a large amount of them in one place, it literally is a sea of blue and a marvellous sight.

Thank you so much to my friend Elanor for knocking on my door this morning and for the impromptu walk.


Another teeny tiny announcement!

15 April 2015

Yes folks. You read right. We have another teeny tiny announcement!!!!

We are thrilled (admittedly a little bit still in shock!) to announce that we have another baby Choudhry on the way. Due October 2015.

We have been wanting to spill the beans for what feels like an age but we wanted to wait until after the first scan to make sure everything was a-ok. And it is.
We saw the heartbeat and the little one even had hiccups! It was too cute. While we are feeling a bit dazed by this happy news, we are so blessed and grateful.

 It still doesn't seem real but it will do soon enough, I'm sure!


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