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22 June 2015

We are thrilled to officially announce that we are having another BOY!

We both knew in the back of our minds that it was going to be a boy but I think we were maybe secretly excited that it might be a girl.  I felt the slightest pang of wistfulness as the sonographer announced that we were having a boy.  Saying that thought, having another boy is awesome in so many different ways.  We have everything we need already - other than buying a few sheets and muslins - we are more than sorted for clothes and toys etc.  It also means Jack will have a brother to play with and grow up with.  Same sex babies, as one of my friends so aptly put it "Jackpot!".

I say this all the time, I am sorry for repeating myself but it still doesn't really feel like I am pregnant and going to have a baby in about 20 weeks.  If people ask me how far along I am I have to really think about it, sometimes, I have to look it up.  For my first pregnancy, I knew how far along I was to the day.  I am much more relaxed with what I eat and just being pregnant in general - I think working and looking after a toddler keeps me pretty busy.

Following on from that - I am slowly getting used to feeling tired all the time.  Some days are worse than others and coffee and chocolate help but no one can ever prepare you for the lack of sleep when having kids!  I should go to bed earlier but the evenings are my only time to myself and I love them, but I need to get more sleep so earlier bed times are on the agenda.  I am already feeling anxious about how we are going to cope with two children under 2 (well only for 2 months and then Jack will be two) but still - both will be in nappies and need lots of love and attention.  Are we going to be able to cope?  We struggle now with feeling tired - how the hell are we going to feel with a newborn????

Anyways, enough worrying and getting stressed. I know we will be OK, we will cope and it will be great.  What we need to do now is enjoy and soak up these next few months of summer, spending time with Jack, enjoying being pregnant and live each day.

So, YAY for another boy!!

Jack: 17 months

16 June 2015

I am so glad I did my month by month update for the first year with Jack.  I still look at the collage I did and smile.  As I haven't done one in a while I thought I would share a few snaps and a few things I want to remember at this awesome age.

♥ I love the way he comes and sits in my lap with a book and waits for me to read to him
♥ I adore the way he drags his Fisher price telephone around.
♥ He is obsessed with the telephone and as soon as he notices it, he climbs on the couch and pretends to talk.  Thank goodness we have a lock key on it as he has made a few phonecalls!!
♥ Favourite appliance is still the washing machine.  The other day we were eating breakfast and the machine beeped to tell us the load had finished.  He genuinely got upset and would not finish his breakfast until we had put him down so he could open the door and put the clothes in the basket!!
♥ He points at every bird, tree and light he sees.
♥ Everything is called Daddy, including Daddy!
♥ Day time naps are the best - I often join him and just watching him sleep with his little hands curled up...it melts my heart every time.
♥ He has started to cuddle the cats - more Lucy than Tom because she is more tolerant!
♥ When the Friends theme tune comes on he stands and watches and claps. (facepalm!!)
♥ He follows instructions now and understands SO much.  He can go fetch his socks, bottle, clothes, certain toys...isn't it amazing how quickly they learn?
♥ We recently got him a Henry Hoover and he adores it.  He still gets scared when I turn the real one on!
♥ Not sure why but at the moment he HATES bath time and screams blue murder when we put him in the bath.  Hoping this will pass soon.
♥ Jack climbs everything - including onto the windowsill and the dining room table.  I cannot let him out of my sight for a second!  Such a little nunu!
♥ He loves to put on his wellies and potter outside, coming in and out the back door constantly!
♥ He loves playing on the ipad with a few apps I have downloaded for him.
♥ And he is absolutely obsessed with blueberries.

Gosh, everyday I think I couldn't possibly love his little face, eyes, toes anymore but everyday that passes my love for this little munckin grows yet some more.


Let him sleep, for when he wakes, he will move mountains.

3 June 2015

I love taking photos of Jack while he sleeps.  It is the one time he sits still and he looks so peaceful.
It also means I can take a photo without the blur of him running around like a mad thing!

Naptime to me, when we are at home, is a sacred time.  As soon as he falls asleep - normally in the carrier - I gently put him on the couch and tuck him in with a blanket.  Then I pop the kettle on and either have biscuits, a danish or some toast - depending on what tickles my fancy and what time of day it is.

I use this time to either scroll instragram and facebook, do some admin things or sleep myself.  If a program I fancy is on television I pop that on.  I am lucky if Jack sleeps for an hour.  But that hour of peace is just what I need to recharge my batteries and get ready for the next few hours of running around, playing, entertaining, feeding, laughing and cuddles.

Being a mom is the greatest thing on earth but my gosh it is also the most challenging.
And these nap times keep me sane!


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