A simple truth about the weather

24 August 2015

I find myself checking the weather each evening for the following day.  Not sure how I got into this habit, it probably has got something to do with having a toddler and wanting to plan my day to see whether we will be able to picnic or go to the park I suppose.  And plus people in England are pretty obsessed with the weather.  I will happily admit that I have become one of these people.

But I read such an interesting quote the other day which has really opened my eyes.
The words went something like this:

"Yesterday was hot, today it is raining.  Neither one is positive or a negative.  It is just weather."

How true is this?  And yet so simple.  If it is raining, you simply put on appropriate clothes and you can still get outside and have loads of fun.  In fact, it might even be MORE fun.  Pop on your wellies and your waterproofs.  Jump in puddles.  Feel the rain on your face and embrace it.  Hear the raindrops falling on the leaves and against your windows. 

The weather doesn't have to be something that gets you down.  I mean, yes, vitamin D is vital for all of us but on the days where it is rainy, wet and "miserable" - why not change your perspective.  Enjoy what you can in whatever way you can.  A lovely day doesn't have to be hot and sunny, does it?


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