@ 36 weeks with baby no 2

8 October 2015

Guys, how is it even possible that I am 36 weeks pregnant already?  With our second child?  Seriously, it all seems a bit unreal.  This pregnancy has flown by and as with my first pregnancy, up to about 34 weeks I was absolutely fine but then all of a sudden you get huge, you get so, so, so tired, your feet swell.  Your irritation levels reach heights you didn't know were possible and while you are super tired in the day when it comes to the night time you can't sleep.  It really is just a barrel of laughs. Haha, but what I try to concentrate on is that I am generally healthy and well.  So I am super lucky.

Also, yesterday I got my date for the c-section....Thursday 29th October.  3 weeks today!  I am choosing to have another section because I feel it is what is right for me and my family at this time.  I will happily admit that I like the idea of knowing when and where the baby will arrive.  The recovery is the only downfall but by the 10th day after Jack was born I felt pretty much back to normal so I am hoping I will bounce back quickly this time too.  Mani is having 3 weeks off which is such a blessing and Jack will continue to go to nursery 3 days a week (which he absolutely loves).

I am nervous for what it is going to be like - I do remember when Jack was born that it is not easy.  Getting breastfeeding down takes a few, maybe more days, you don't really sleep and you are recovering from surgery.  Plus this time we will have Jack roaring around too.  But I know we will cope. You just do.  Lots of friends are saying the second time around is easier as you know what is coming, which is true.  Plus my expectations for everyday things I think will be much more realistic.  You get through it a day at a time.

So my aim now is to enjoy the next 3 weeks.  Enjoy the days with Jack.  Cherish the peaceful moments when he is at nursery.  And just relax.  Because the next few months are going to be full on. 
In the best way possible.


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