Harry: 1 month old

18 November 2015

A few days late but here it is.  Harry at 1 month old.  I am going to be taking the same monthly photos with Harry as I did with Jack (click on link to see Jack at 1 month old). 

Harry is the calmest, sweetest and most gorgeous little babe.  And my word, a chubby little thing too.  All of sudden he is just full of rolls and those little hamster cheeks are the cutest. I swear today, when I was putting his clothes on, he smiled at me and really looked at my face.  My heart melted and my love for him grew tenfold.

Jack loves to cuddle Harry - he will run up to me and cross his arms on his shoulders and sway from side to side saying "cuddle, cuddle" and I know he wants to hold his little brother.  He is always looking for him and saying "Harry".  It is just the most adorable thing to hear.

Harry has stolen our hearts and seeing him grow and watch Jack get more used to him by the day is the best thing.  I am feeling much more myself too, and as each day passes and I am getting used to not sleeping (haha!).  That is the one thing I forgot - the sleep deprivation and how much it affects me and my ability to cope with the everyday.

The other Friday was one of those days.  At one point, all three of us were crying and I just didn't know what to do with myself.  It can become so overwhelming and the hormones don't bloody help either.  It was pouring with rain outside and I just couldn't seem to get out the house to our normal Friday morning toddler group in the village hall so we ended up pretty much watching Peppa Pig all day.  But that's OK.  There will be days when the TV will be my saving grace! 

I know these days will pass and soon enough Harry will be as big as Jack, so I am just taking each day as it comes and enjoying every cuddle. 


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