Introducing Harry Simon Choudhry

10 November 2015

Harry arrived into the world on Thursday 15th October at 10am on the dot weighing 7lbs 12.5oz (3.53kg).  I had to have him 2 weeks earlier than planned but all went well and he is a happy, healthy, loud and content little baby who has stolen our hearts.

Recovery this time round was tough.  I thought a planned section second time round would be a lot easier but it wasn't.  It seemed a lot harder.  I also had to stay in hospital for 5 days which was unexpected and very difficult and I think I just found it all a bit overwhelming.  I didn't see Jack for 5 days because each day I thought I was coming home and then late afternoon they would tell me I had to stay another night.  I hated being away from Jack and just not being in my own home.  But we got through it.  I cried a lot.  I was way more emotional this time round.  WAY MORE.  But after a good cry I always felt better and my family and friends were and continue to be amazing.  Mani, was and is my hero.  His  love, support and sensitivity never ceases to amaze me.

Jack was a bit all over the place emotionally, which is to be expected for a 21 month old who is facing a big adjustment of becoming a big brother. But he is settled now and loving every moment.  He loves giving Harry cuddles, kisses and often asks where Harry is and insists on kissing him goodnight every evening before bed.  It is simply adorable.

Becoming a Mom for the second time is an amazing and very emotional experience.  I know the hormones don't help but I often feel inadequate and torn in two on the days I have both munchkins.  I so desperately want to cuddle, feed and just soak up every moment with Harry but then there is Jack, roaring around, needing my attention too.  I have learnt these past few weeks that there will be days when chaos will reign.  Toys will be strewn everywhere, children will cry, my hair will be unwashed and I will survive on coffee and biscuits to get me through.  But the main thing is my boys will be smothered in love and hugs and kisses.  We love you Harry - you have completed our little family.  (Although Mani insists I will want another one in a few years time - I stand firm that two boys will keep me busy enough!).


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