Harry: 2 months old

31 December 2015

Better late than never.  I did take these photos just a few days after he was 2 months but my word Harry has grown.  He is a real chubber.  I won't lie there was a point where I didn't know if I could cope anymore with the colic but since I cut out dairy, started giving regular gripe water and visited an osteopath there has been a world of difference.

Harry loves to be tickled and laughs and grins a lot now.  He enjoys watching Jack and always smiles when Jack comes up to him and says "Hello Harry" - it is so adorable.

As each day passes it is becoming easier and easier.  I have found that I have really, really struggled having two kids under two.  Jack is still at a very demanding stage of life and when you are breastfeeding a little one and trying to get out the house and keep sane it is incredibly overwhelming.  There have been a lot of times where I have just broken down in tears with two little munchkins staring at me wondering what is going on. It is so daunting some days to think these two little humans depend solely on me (when Mani is at work obviously).  And to be honest some days we just stay at home and go for a few walks to get fresh air because the thought of going out is just too much.

But those days pass and I know I will remember the good days over the bad - and I do have good days, that is what I need to concentrate on.  I often have days where all I will do is have Harry in the carrier - this is what works for me.  I struggle to put him down when he is niggly, I feel more relaxed with him on me and finally he is beginning to comfort feed rather than just feed when he is hungry which I enjoy.  I love sitting down with a cup of coffee and my favourite tv program (anything for a break from Peppa Pig, The Gruffalo, Room on the Broom or Thomas the Tank Engine!!!) and stick Harry on the boob and just relax.   Note - this hardly happens and can only occur when Jack is at nursery!

Harry - please know you are so loved.  More than you will ever know.  I know these early days fly by so quickly and next thing we know you will be walking and talking.  I am treasuring every cuddle and smile from you.  Watching you grow is so exciting.
Love you my nunu.


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