We are moving to South Africa!

29 January 2016

We have some very exciting news....WE ARE MOVING TO CAPE TOWN!!!!  It has all happened quite quickly to be honest and I have been putting off sharing the news in case it all goes wrong but it all seems to be falling into place and I wanted to tell you all.  We had started the process of applying for visas with a immigration consultant when Mani was offered a job.  It was ideal.  He has to start on the 1st May (or before if possible) which is a lot sooner that we thought we would go but we think it is better for all of this to happen quickly rather than it be a drawn out process.  So all being well we will leave the UK mid-April.

We have moments of panic when we wonder if this is still the right thing for us and our family.  We have had many a sleepless night and I am sure there will be more to come.  But we figure that a) this is an adventure, life is short and lets have fun b) we are going to a place where we are familiar with, we have a car, accomodation and a job to go to c) we have family and friends there who will support us and be there for us d) hell, if it really doesn't work out then we come back.

We are going to live in Cape Town for at least two years before considering point d.  We have to give ourselves time to settle in but we have such a positive and happy feeling about all of this.  We cannot wait!!  It is such a exhilarating feeling to make your dreams happen.  And while it is so daunting at times, it is just the best feeling to get on and take action.

Saying that - we know the next few months are going to be very hard too.  Saying goodbye to our life here is not going to be easy.  We love our house, our family & friends, our routine and it is so easy to stay in the familiar.  A few things that are going to especially be difficult is saying goodbye to Mani's family, my family who live here, rehoming our cats, saying goodbye to all the WONDERFUL people at Jack's nursery and of course my awesome friends who I love dearly.

I know there are a few of you out there who do not agree with our decision and we respect that, but all we ask is for support and positive comments.  We take on board everyone's opinions but we have made our decision and in the end it is indeed our decision to make.

At the moment I am busy organising renting out the house, sorting through TONNES of stuff which we seem to have accumulated these past 8 years, drawing up a huge spreadsheet with to do lists, schedules, shipping quotes and things to sell and seeing all of our friends and family to say farewell in between!

It still seems quite surreal that in 3 months time we will be in Cape Town.   So we are going to enjoy the time we have left here and look forward to the adventure that awaits us.


Harry: 3 months old

19 January 2016

Hooray!! We are heading out of the newborn haze.  And it feels so good.  Don't get me wrong - I love a squishy newborn as much as the next person but it's hard work.  It has been tiring - its so different the second time around.  There is a lot of mom guilt but we are easing into our new routine now and it gets easier everyday.

Harry is just a bundle of joy.  His infectious laugh can brighten the darkest of days.  He loves looking at Jack and watching him roar around.  He loves to be cuddles and be held.  And while he only catnaps in the day, I cannot complain about most nights as he only wakes every 4-5 hours for a feed.  So most days I feel fresh and human.

Harry is very vocal - he loves to gurgle and shout and if he isn't getting enough attention he will make sure he is heard.  He loves to be tickled and standing up on my legs.  Bath time is fun and Jack helps by washing his tummy and splashing the water everywhere!  Little moments like these give me a peek into the future when they are a bit older and can play and entertain each other.  So much to look forward to!

We love you Harry!  Happy 3 months my boy!


Jack: 2 years old

14 January 2016

Wow, it feels like yesterday that you entered this world Jack and it feels like a second ago that you turned one.  And now you are two years old.

These past two years have been the happiest, most challenging, tiring and wonderful times of our life.  Your infectious laugh, cheeky grin, loud personality and sensitive soul never ceases to amaze us.  Our hearts continue to grow in love with you each and everyday.  You are constantly learning new words and love to jump around.  You are the light of our lives and the best big brother Harry could ever have asked for.  

You love Peppa Pig, eating toast and of course cake is your favourite treat.  You can now put your own wellies on and demand to go for a walk or to the park.  Painting and playing in your kitchen entertains you at the moment as well as building towers and reading books.  You would spend all day outside if you could playing soccer with Dad, but equally you love cuddling up under a blanket and watching a bit of tv with your teddy.

You are still slightly obesessed with cleaning - the washing machine, vacuum, duster and dustpan and brush are still some of your favourite things to play with!  I think that will change as you get older though! haha  You are just such a happy, relaxed and cheeky little nunu - just always remember to keep being you - because that is just perfect to us.

Thank you for bringing us so much joy.
Here is to the next year of adventures my boy.


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