Harry: 3 months old

19 January 2016

Hooray!! We are heading out of the newborn haze.  And it feels so good.  Don't get me wrong - I love a squishy newborn as much as the next person but it's hard work.  It has been tiring - its so different the second time around.  There is a lot of mom guilt but we are easing into our new routine now and it gets easier everyday.

Harry is just a bundle of joy.  His infectious laugh can brighten the darkest of days.  He loves looking at Jack and watching him roar around.  He loves to be cuddles and be held.  And while he only catnaps in the day, I cannot complain about most nights as he only wakes every 4-5 hours for a feed.  So most days I feel fresh and human.

Harry is very vocal - he loves to gurgle and shout and if he isn't getting enough attention he will make sure he is heard.  He loves to be tickled and standing up on my legs.  Bath time is fun and Jack helps by washing his tummy and splashing the water everywhere!  Little moments like these give me a peek into the future when they are a bit older and can play and entertain each other.  So much to look forward to!

We love you Harry!  Happy 3 months my boy!


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