Harry: 4 months old

18 February 2016

Oh my little sweet boy.  You are really coming out of your shell these past few weeks.  Your infectious laugh and happy personality is beginning to shine.  You are so ticklish and you are a chatterbox too - you are always making noises and it warms my heart every time I hear you gurgling in the next room.

You love to watch Jack and the cats.  I often see you just staring at them with a grin on your face.  Bath time is a firm favourite too and you love going to collect Jack from nursery to see all the friendly faces and hustle and bustle.  You are not a huge fan of the car seat still (just like your brother) but it will pass.  We just have to get through this phase.

Just today you are starting to grab toys in front of you, you love your Sophie Giraffe and I have a feeling you are beginning to teeth - fun times!  I can wear you facing out in the carrier now and you love to watch the world and smile at everyone.  The ladies love you! hehe

We are getting through the hard part of crying/colic and getting into the fun part of gurgling and laughing and interacting.  We have so much to look forward to my boy - lots of special family and friends to see these next few weeks before we jet off on our adventure.  I can't wait to not have to dress you in 3 layers and a blanket.  You are going to love the African sun.  Love you my nunu.


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