Harry: 5 months old

18 March 2016

Harry my boy - you are such a delight.  You squeal and laugh so much at the moment, you have definitely found your voice and like to let everyone know that you are in the room.  You love to play with toys and pick things up and chew them.  You are sleeping a bit better but still like your boob at night.  As long as I have my coffee in the morning I will cope just fine.

Your fat rolls are just scrumptious and your smile makes my heart explode with love.  Jack loves to give you cuddles and tickles you lots.  Sorry if he takes your blankie sometimes or a toy - he just wants what you have.  Soon you will be running around together!

You love to facetime your granny and grandpas and great granny's and your aunty - you give them lots of smiles and you are desparate to sit up by yourself and see what is going on around you.  Not long and we can get some food into you.  That is a whole other phase...phew - not my favourite one to be honest but it has to be done.

Love you my boy.  To the moon and back.

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