Harry: 7 months

9 June 2016

Oh it is so hard not having all of our stuff so I can take my normal monthly photo of my nunu but hopefully this will be the last one.  Plus the fact that my battery died on my camera so I have just used my phone for these photos too....anyhow.

It is hard to believe that 7 months have flown by so quickly.  I was just thinking yesterday about how I don't feel like I enjoy Harry as much as I did Jack.  I know it is different with the second, especially with a small age gap.  But I always feel like Harry fits in around my work/errand/schedules and I don't really get to relax with him, go to any baby classes etc.
I hope he knows when he is older and reads back on these blogs that I love and cared for him dearly.  Hearing his laugh everyday warmed my heart and brightened a dark day.  His smile and beautiful eyes are always commented on wherever we go.  I love carrying him in the ergo and watching him slowly fall asleep as I do the shopping  or walk around the garden trying to get him to nap so I can quickly do some work.

Harry is desperate to crawl and is getting incredibly frustrated that he can't join in when Jack is roaring around or playing with his toys.  Often in the morning I can hear Jack say "No, Harry!" and I know it is because he is grabbing something that Jack is probably playing with.  He is just so inquisitive and wants to be involved in everything!

We won't mention sleep - I mean, its not that important but just know that we don't get loads of it.  But I know it will pass.  Jack only started sleeping through at 21 months so I am prepared.  As long as I get about 4 hours solid I can survive. 

He still loves to jump in his jumparoo, he loves to bath and now pulls himself up on the side (!!).  He enjoys sitting outside and watching Mani & Jack kick the ball.  He is always smiling when we are out and is a happy, cheerful baba.  He loves a cuddle and often nestles into my shoulder or neck.  It makes me smile every time.  It is so precious.

I often get frustrated if I want to get things done, for example, write this blog post.  Harry has woken three times this evening while I write this and it is hard.  But I just remind myself that he is so small still and just wants cuddles or boob.  Soon, he will be like Jack and he won't be a baby anymore.  These days are fleeting, they go by in an instant.  Yes, they are trying, they are tiring but I keep telling myself to ENJOY them.  Soak them up.  Breathe them in.  Coffee and a shed load of biscuits always helps!

Harry - I love you my boy.  We all do, so very much.  You are simply gorgeous and we love watching you grow each day.


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