Harry: 8 months

11 July 2016

OK so this is WAY late but better late than never in my books.  It has been so manic round here what with working, looking after kids, school holidays and of course MOVING baby!! We are in our home. Woohoo!

But I digress, this is about my adorable nunu who is 8 months old (well, nearly 9 now but sshhhh!).

Harry is just so so so squishy, chilled, awesome and fun.  He loves to be tickled, he loves to laugh, he loves and ADORES his big brother Jack and he is trying his utmost to crawl.  Harry gets so excited when Mani gets home and wants to go straight to him as soon as he see his daddy.  It is so sweet to see.

He also does this thing where he tilts his head to the side and smiles and goes all coy.  It is the sweetest thing.  My heart.

Being a mom of two is hard, but it is getting easier as both boys get older.  And my mantra for the tough days is "These days will become the good old days!".  So I breathe it all in, I try not to shout and lose my cool and I drink a LOT of coffee people.  A lot.

Harry still wakes up a lot but thats alright.  Co-sleeping helps, it makes it less disruptive.  And also in the headlines - Harry now takes a dummy.  It is amazing actually.  Have you ever heard of a baby refusing a dummy and then all of a sudden taking one?  It has changed our lives.  Harry used to scream a lot in the car which made going out so difficult and now he is a dream as long as he has his dummy.  In the day if he is fussy and a bit tired and doesn't want boob I just pop in a dummy and he is comforted and happy.  Yay for dummies.  Yay for peace.  Always a win in my books.

We also have the beginning of his first tooth coming through - I can't for the life of me remember when Jack got his first tooth.  I always find myself comparing the two still but they are very different children for sure!

Harry - you are so loved my boy.  Thank you for being the sweetest, little munchkin.

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