Harry: 9 months old

31 July 2016

9 months in, 9 months out.

It feels like I am standing still and I am watching my kids just grow up in front of me.  I want to try slow time down a bit so I can have babies forever but at the same time I want them to reach their milestones and get bigger so I can enjoy and get excited about all the things like crawling, new words and experiences.

This is how I feel especially with my little Harry.  Deep down I know this is our last baby but I never think of any experiences as my last because that will just make me all nostalgic and a bit sad.  Instead I just breathe in every moment.  I soak in every cuddle, kiss and "last firsts".

Harry now crawls everywhere and explores EVERY thing.  He pulls himself up on my legs my arms and the couch.  Why oh why I have to ask do kids go for electrics, wires, remotes, phones, bins, dirty nappies and basically stuff they know they can't/musn't play with first??!  It amazes me!  Saying that, Harry loves to crawl around our flat, looking for me if I pop into the next room.  He hones in on whatever Jack is playing with which of course ensues into a bit of a shouting match between Jack and Harry but that's OK.  They will soon be playing together and sharing toys.

Harry is so happy.  So chilled.  So cuddly.  He ADORES his Daddy and often pushes me away and wants to be held by Dad.  I love it.  He enjoys his food.  Toast, naartjies, rusks and yoghurt being his favourites at the moment.  Still loves to bath.  And loves his dummy.   That dummy is a godsend people.  I am so glad we have a dummy in our life.  I don't care how hard it is going to be to get rid of it.  It makes my life easier and in my books that means I am winning in life.

Harry is a real chatter and loves to repeat sounds or words like Mama or Dada.  I swear he also says "hiya" and "Jack" but that just might be me hearing things.

He still tilts his head to the side, such a coy little creature.  His hair - oh his hair.  His "mohawk" is just so awesome.  His laugh is infectious.  Harry brings so much joy into our lives.  We love him dearly.

Thank you Harry for being the sweet little cherub you are.  9 months already.  Next thing you know it will be your first birthday.


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