Harry: 11 months old

22 September 2016

Harry my nunu, you are now 11 months old.  

And you are a strong, independent and awesome little dude that knows what you want in life.

Your personality is really beginning to shine through.  You are going to be a little mischievous character, I can just tell.  You love to follow Jack around and immediately light up when we pick him up from school.  You love to watch TV (no shame here on my part), you still love to bath, you enjoy using your walker now and crash into everything with it.

You love to play with a ball and try throwing it everywhere.  You still love the ergo (thank goodness) and we often pop you in there if we head out on a walk or if I pop to the shop and you are wanting to be held.  But you love the trolley too which is fun.  You sit in there with your one leg up, holding your biscuit and look like the coolest baby on earth.

You aren't really into your food at the moment.  You could take it or leave it most days.  Boob is your best friend, which is OK - it won't last forever.  Your favourite things to eat are cheerios, apple, toast, grapes and blueberries.  Oh and you love baby carrots.  And the look of concentration when I put some peas and sweetcorn on your highchair is the cutest.  You pincer grip is adorable - some vegetables actually even make it to your mouth!  It seems like most of your food ends up on the floor and I spend half my life cleaning it up!

I won't lie Harry - it has been a tough 11 months.  And at times, I have been unsure as to if I can cope.  But my boy when you smile, or cuddle me and fall asleep in my arms it makes the frustration and tiredness just disappear.  You are worth every tear, every heartache and every sleepless night.  Please know that we love you to the moon and back.  Always and forever.

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