Harry: 1 year old

11 December 2016

So this is way, way, way late and it hasn't even been on my list of things to do.  That is how chaotic it has been these past few months.  But slowly, slowly things are getting a bit easier day by day.  And while lack of sleep is still a huge thing in my life I had to write this post before another day went by.

Harry turned 1 almost 2 months ago now.  And it feels like yesterday.  Ear infections and tonsillitis have been reeking havoc in our family.  Antibiotics, sleepless nights, crying, more crying, not eating, doctors, more doctors and then finally grommets and two tonsillectomy's are what we have been up to.

But still, Harry manages to smile, dance and be happy for at least part of each day! 
My poor baby I think has forgotten what it feels like to be healthy and normal.  To enjoy a proper meal and sleep well.  But we will get there.
We threw a little bash for him at one of the local preschools and celebrated making it through this somewhat eventful, challenging, happy and awesome year of Harry.

Some days blur into each other and being a mom to two kids is kind of hard.  Very hard sometimes.  And it all can get quite overwhelming.
But then, these moments happen when the light shines through the cracks.  Harry is that light.
No matter the kind of mom I have been and no matter how bad the day seems, Harry smiles, he laughs, he LOVES to dance and he would eat cheerios all day if he could.  Harry loves a cuddle and is obsessed with the vacuum cleaner, water and kicking/throwing balls.

You will see by the lack of pretty photos that it was incredibly difficult to get a good shot for his 1 year photo but I tried.  And these were the best out the lot.

Harry - you certainly have been through so much these past few months.  But it can only get better from here my boy.
Thank you for being the light of our lives.  For being such a fun little brother to Jack and for reminding us to enjoy the little things in life, because when we look back, we will realise that they were the big things.

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