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11 July 2017

We are a book loving family and have been reading to our boys pretty much since they were tiny.  Admittedly we were much better with Jack than we were with Harry but luckily Harry is just as interested!  I thought I would share some of our favourite books each week.  We do buy books but not on a regular basis as it just gets too expensive.  The second-hand market here is nothing like the UK (one of the things I miss terribly is ebay and second hand shops!!) I have signed up with the local library and go there most weeks.  Which is an outing with the boys so that's a win for me!


This week I thought I would share some of the Lynley Dodd books on our shelves. We love the Hairy Mclary and friends series. The rhymes and funny stories are fun and easy to read. I never sigh when Jack picks one of these (you know those books you just hate to read?!, well these will not be one of them!).

Other books as well as fun games, party ideas and much more can be found on the awesome website here.

Please do share any favourites that your kids love!  We enjoy reading new books, as it can get a teeny bit monotonous reading the same old thing week in and week out! 

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