Hello July

3 July 2017

Happy July my friends.  Where has this year gone?  How can it be halfway through 2017 already?  It never ceases to amaze me how quickly time goes the older you get, right?

It has been a while, it feels like this past 10 months has been a bit of a blur what with just feeling like we are constantly in survival mode but the clouds seem to be clearing and I missed you guys and writing and sharing so much that I have decided to jump in again and share some awesome stuff with you this month including our weekend activities, yummy baked goods, stuff I do at home with the kids, wisdom, gatherings and just life stuff.

Let me catch you up on what we have been up to.

Both boys are so much healthier since our ordeal with grommets and tonsils - seriously this was the BEST decision we made for them and while Harry still can be a bit sickly I think that is just an age thing and his immunity building up but Jack has had 1 cold and 1 cough since November.  Guys - freaking awesome. He is like a different child.  Thriving.  It makes me so happy to see him growing and so happy.

I stopped breastfeeding Harry on the 13th April (at 5pm to be exact - yup I remember this stuff!) and it was the best thing I could have done for both me and him.  It was time and I should have done it a while ago.  He eats like a horse now and sleeps through most nights.  AH - the joy of sleep eh? It has changed our lives and whilst I do miss it and most days I yearn for another baby (we still aren't decided if we are done yet) it is good to have my body back and have sleep.  Sleep = happy mom = functioning = well, you get the picture.  I am proud to have fed my baby for 18 months.  ♥

Settling in to South African life hasn't been all roses and fairytales.  Money is tight, stuff is definitely more expensive here, I feel, compared to the UK.  But you buckle down and you get on with it.  Most people are in the same boat all over the world if not worse so you have to put stuff into perspective.
When things seem impossible I make a gratitude list.  And it makes you realise how lucky you actually are.  Warm bed, roof, water, food, love, friends and family.  These are basics but guys, its all you need.  Don't you agree?

We have been here for nearly 16 months now and we love the lifestyle and can see how it is benefiting our family.  I won't lie - we do miss lots of things about the UK but the weather is just not one of them.  Outdoor activities make our hearts happy and even though it is chilly winter here (well chilly in SA standards) we are almost always outdoors still and you just can't beat that.  Plus bonus points for tiring out the kids which makes bedtime SO MUCH QUICKER! haha

Other than that it has been work and normal life as usual, we had a weekend away in May and try do fun stuff with the kids on the weekends, which I will share over the coming weeks. So keep coming back - I love having you to visit my little piece of the world on the interwebs!


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