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14 July 2017

Life these days can be pretty hectic.  Social commitments, work commitments, family, kids or no kids, grocery shopping, errands, admin and housework can all get a bit overwhelming.  Then you have your dreams and hopes and aspirations on the side which you want to nurture but it seems almost impossible to create the time to do it.  This is what I feel like most days.  All these THINGS I have to do, yet where do I find the time to do the things I am passionate about and love?  Baking, sewing, writing, photo taking, gathering and creating are my passions.  These things make me happy.  They inspire me.

When I started this new blog last September I had so many big ideas and plans.  Then life happened and it got put to the wayside.  Then these past few months I have been trying to "find my way" again and it always came back to this.  Writing, being creative and sharing it with you!  These are what make me tick.  But all I kept thinking am I going to do it?  I don't have time.

But if there is one thing I have learnt from fellow mama bloggers/entrepreneurs/small business owners - YOU MAKE the time.  Whether it be for 20 minutes before I pick the boys up from school or for 2 hours late at night - I do it.  Because if not now, when?
You have to start somewhere.

Do you have any tips for making time when you have a hectic lifestyle?
How do you fit everything in?
I would love to know and hear about where you started or your plans to get started.
Let's inspire each other!


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