Things to do with kids in Cape town #1

27 April 2018

In this series, I will be sharing some of our favourite things to do  with the kiddos in Cape Town.  I love hearing about new places to visit and fun activities for the kids to enjoy.  So I hope you get some inspiration - get out there and ENJOY our beautiful city and all it has to offer.

Rush Trampoline Park

I first came across this place when I was searching for ideas online.  I was a bit sceptical at first and thought it might be grubby and not really suitable for little ones.  But boy was I wrong.  This place is phenomenal.  On your first visit you need to take a few minutes to fill in an indemnity form on a tablet screen at the entrance (this is a one off thing), you then pay (R125 for an adult and toddler for 1 hour on a Sunday morning for the toddler session) and you get a pair of socks (also a one off payment) and you are in.  There are a couple of sponge pits, loads of trampolines, a balance beam, balls, hoops, cute kiddie music in the background and most importantly a little cafe upstairs for afterwards with coffee, popcorn, healthy drinks and maybe some cake!  We like to go bright and early on a Sunday morning as they have a toddler session from 9-10am so it is child-friendly then and no hectic jumping.  We really love it and I enjoy jumping too!  Anything fun is good for the soul I say.

The Aquarium

Another firm favourite in your family and I am sure MANY a family in Cape Town with young           kids. I would recommend an annual pass as it is totally worth it - kids under 4 go free and for me         and Mani it was R640 for the year.  Bargain.
There is a kids area with colouring in, a puppet show, snacks and importantly good coffee.  Our favourites are seeing Nemo, the big turtle Yoshi (who has now been released into the sea, sadly!) and seeing the penguins.
There is a new predator tank too!

Rhodes Memorial

Not ideal in the winter as it is mostly outside - especially when you have little ones, sitting inside is     just not an option really.  There is an awesome playground and sandpit with tables nearby.          
Beautiful views, yummy food and kiddie milkshakes.  
They do give you blankets to cover your legs with in the colder months if you are feeling brave!

Check back next week for more things to do with kiddos in Cape Town.


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