DIY colour sorting wheel

9 May 2018

I am trying to make more time to make things.  I love making and creating - it feeds my soul and it makes me happy.  One of the things I love to make is stuff for the kids to play with.

Playing = learning for small kiddies and this colour wheel is an easy and fun activity to keep them busy and learn about colours.

Things you will need:

Thick cardboard (I used a duplo box)
Colourful objects from around the house
Container to keep the objects in

I traced a circle from one of my baking bowls onto the card and cut out a circle.
I then measured 8 equal "slices" and then cut the felt to fit these.  This was quite difficult but I made it work by cutting one a bit smaller eventually.  Seriously, at the end of the day perfection is not the point of this exercise. It is for your kids to play with something you lovingly made.

I gathered different coloured objects from around the house - I used coloured sticks, pegs, pouch lids, blocks, pom poms and feathers.  Jack loves it and Harry is beginning to play with it now too.  Such a simple yet effective activity to bring out and keep them occupied.

Have fun!

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