Happy May and some exciting news!

1 May 2018

Happy May lovely people.

There is so much to be thankful for today.  It is a public holiday here in South Africa - woohoo!  We are so lucky here, we get a LOT of public holidays which always fall on whichever date the day falls rather than a Monday like in the UK.  So yesterday the kids had the day off school.

AND!! I have some VERY exciting news to share.....we have officially got the keys to our house which we have bought here in Cape Town.  After two years of renting and not having our "own" space we finally decided to take the leap of faith and purchase property here.

We are SO blessed and grateful that we have this opportunity and we cannot wait to make this house our home.  I have so many plans but you know what....the only thing we cannot wait for is to have outside space.  A garden for the kids to play in.  For us to sit and have supper in.  A room each for the kids (yes, who am I kidding, they will still end up in our bed, but hey!).

Just MORE SPACE.  Our own little space to call our own.

I will share before and after photos as we will be renovating a bit but nothing huge.  I will do a home tour once we are unpacked and settled in.

Have a cracking month guys.  Be intentional.  Live each day.  Find happiness in the simple things.


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