Fuss Free Supper: 7 Grain medley and butternut balls with a ranch dressing

6 June 2018

Eating healthily is something I have always been passionate about.  Don't get me wrong, I love my cakes and biscuits too but being more aware of what I put in my body has become more important to me as I have gotten older and since I have had my kids.

A plant-based/vegan diet has always interested me.  I haven't had the guts to watch any of the documentaries about dairy farming or the like but I will one day.  In the mean time, we only eat vegetarian and often vegan too.  But I do find that with some vegan meals - there is a LOT of meal prep and I just simply do not have time for it some days.

This is where you have to be clever.  I have come up with some fuss free vegan meals which require little prep but are seriously tasty and nutritious.  These recipes have come about purely by chance with what I have had in the fridge and cupboard and are also often inspired by some amazing ladies who I follow on Instagram.

This specific supper was inspired by The First Mess.

All you need:

Fry's Butternut Balls
Woolworths 7 Grain Medley heat & eat pack
Some fresh vegetables - I used mushrooms, pepper, carrots and courgettes.
Vegan Mayo
Garlic herbs
Black Pepper
Dairy-free milk

Let's get cooking:

I cooked my butternut balls as per the box instructions.
They don't take long at all, maybe 12 minutes.
I cut up my veg finely and fried them up in a wok with some olive oil.
I made the creamy ranch dressing using 3 tablespoons vegan mayo, a few splashes of dairy-free milk, garlic herbs and black pepper.
Then I popped the 7 grain packet into the microwave for 90 seconds.

I mixed it all together in the wok and scattered some dressing on top.

Hubby loved it, as did I.  Seriously yum and it took me maybe 5 min prep of the veg and 5 minutes putting it altogether.

Eating well does NOT have to always be time consuming and expensive.  You just have to get some inspiration and find the right products.  I also always try to have basics in my cupboards and fridge so to give me plenty of options!


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