Hello October

5 October 2018

I know so many of your are thinking the same as me - how is it October already?  I always find that once September hits the year seems to fly.  It has been "half term" here this week and I am sneeking some work while I can!

Today I am taking the boys to watch The 3 Little Pigs at the Nassau Theatre in Claremont.  They are so excited.  And now that the weather is much warmer we can hopefully spend the rest of the day outside playing...when I say "we" I mean the boys while I sew and try to work!

We have a lot going on this month.  It is Harry's birthday, then building works are starting at our house.  We are knocking down a wall between the kitchen and dining room to make it open plan and putting vinyl flooring throughout the whole house.  While we are super excited for the outcome, we are dreading it a little as we won't really have a house for a while.  So I have warned my friends that we will be camping out in their lounges most afternoons.   We won't have a kitchen for at least 4 weeks either...but to make it simple I will just get meals delivered from The Flying Pan I think.  

I have quite a few craft markets coming up in the next month too.

Sat 13th October - Rondebosch Park Craft Market
Fri 26 October - WPPS Christmas Market
Sat 3 November - Constantia Christmas Market
Sat 10 November - Rondebosch Park Craft Market

I will share the details a few days before each one on social media so to keep you updated!

Have you listened to any of the podcasts I recommended?  I love finding others who have chosen to take a creative path and how they are doing.  It helps me to remember to keep pursuing my creativity as a sustainable, fulfilling option and that its okay to feel the way I do.  Often us creatives have many insecurities about making our creativity our job.  And that shouldn't be the case at all.

Have an awesome October my friends.

11 Podcasts I'm listening to

3 October 2018

Since finding my creative soul again I stumbled into listening to podcasts. It is so relaxing to sit at my desk while I sew and cut felt for my orders and stock for craft markets (thank you for all your support so far!) and listen to inpirational ladies talk about motherhood, small business, being creative and generally just making me feel so normal.  It also helps me curate my business, nurture my wellbeing as well as give me such amazing ideas.

I thought I would share some of the podcasts I have been listening to lately - it can sometimes be hard to find ones that fit in with your interests - so here they are:

1. Magic Lessons - Elizabeth Gilbert
When listening to Jen Carrington's podcast she always mentions Elizabeth Gilbert's book (which is now on my bedside table ready to read!) and this is an add on to the book where Elizabeth interviews everyday people about their life and helping them make their creative dreams come true.

2. Elise Gets Crafty - Elise Blaha Cripe
I have followed Elise for many years now through her blog.  She has grown incredibly these past few years and launched a podcast where she interviews small business owners and chats about everything and anything to do with it.

3. Grow with Soul - Kayte Ferris
I first stumbled across Kayte through Sara's Tasker's podcast and she immediately drew me in.  Her  knowledge and how she makes every step of organic and slow marketing seem so simple is awesome. I am so excited to start coaching sessions with her in a few weeks! Eeeek.

4. Hashtag Authentic - Sara Tasker
Sara Tasker - known as the queen of Instagram is a motivating lady who knows her stuff.  Her podcast is aimed at helping you become successful in the online world while still staying grounded and being true to you.

5. Letters from a Hopeful Creative - Jen Carrington & Sara Tasker
Two of my favourite ladies have come together to present this podcast where they get listeners to send in letters about what they are struggling with or asking a question to do with their creative business and then they discuss their input - which is highly sought after!

6. Work Like a Mother - Amy Elizabeth
Amy is a down-to-earth normal working mom who has conversations with other working moms about everything from creativity, business, motherhood and everything that goes with it.

7. Walking with Wildflowers - Keri Bainborough
I found Keri on Instagram through Nikki who shared her Vegan cookbook (which I bought straight away and use on a weekly basis!).  Keri is also - so down to earth and so comfortable with her spiritual self and I find this so inspiring.  She talks to various woman about vegan life, feminism, moon cycles (SO interesting) amongst other things.

8. Coffee & Crumbs - Ashlee Gadd, April Hoss & Indiana Jones
These mama's are so authentic, funny and make me giggle so much.  They talk about motherhood and EVERYTHING that goes with it - there are some really interesting episodes which I have listened to more than once and have even made my husband listen to!  Namely - this one and this one.

9. There are Other Ways - Fiona Barrows
I love Fiona's voice and clarity on living life differently and following your own path.  Hearing about how others have found their true calling and followed their heart helped me realise that I CAN do it too!

10. Explore your Enthusiasm - Tara Swiger
I have just started listening to this podcast - it is all about helping you do your best work, to be enthusiastic about it and be your own successful self.

11. Make It Happen - Jen Carrington
Oh I love this lady so much - she is truly inspiring.  She "helps creatives cultivate and build impactful, fulfilling and sustainable creative lives".  I love that so much - her conversations are honest, insightful and so easy to listen to.

I hope you find inspiration, joy and nuggets of gold which will fuel your creativity.
May it help you believe that you can make your vision of what you want your life to look like come true.

If you have podcast suggestions - please pop them in a comment below or leave a comment on Instagram.  I would love to hear them.

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