Conversations with Creatives: Lorin Galloway

4 February 2019

I decided to start this series to inspire others by sharing the stories of some of the woman who I admire in the creative industry.  Creativity comes in many different forms and we can learn so much from each other.  I hope you learn something from each of these amazing women and find yourself nodding along when you read through these posts.May these words help you along your creative journey and that you find others who can cheer you on.


This week I am chatting to Lorin Galloway - a very talented lady in the design industry.  I met Lorin via Instagram and meet up with her monthly face-to-face at TogetherTuesdays.  Lorin is a brand strategist and designer by day working from her sunny home studio in Cape Town, alongside her handsome and wild 2 year old son. husband, whippet and 3 hens.

With a degree in fine art, and deep, twisted roots in print media, she loves the hand-created element of her work and enjoys getting her hands all sorts of dirty.  The inspiring and brave souls she gets to work with on a daily basis are widespread, spanning many time zones - seldom her own.

Through guidance, strategy and design, she helps them share their stories in a refined and compelling way, allowing them to feel confident in every marketing effort and draw in the right crowd.

When she's not at her desk, she is usually running round the garden with her son or preparing food in the kitchen, or simply being taken by the small, seemingly insignificant moments and trying her best to capture those stills in her heart forever.

What are you doing at the moment?
Right now, I’m wrapping up some business admin, writing some IG captions and updating some

old blog posts. We’ve just had lunch and Finley is asleep so I’m using this quiet time to get some
heavy-concentration work done!

What does your typical day look like?
6.00 wake up, make coffee and check my meal plan calendar for the day while Finn is with
Richard lounging in bed
6.15 bribe Finn to pack his bunny and shooshie away and take off his nappy with helping me
make breakfast.
7.00 the 2 of us eat breakfast together and listen to some music
7.30 get dressed and ready for the day
8.00 Violet arrives and I make her breakfast and coffee
8.15 do what I didn’t get a chance to do earlier to get everything sorted for the day.
8.30 usually by this time I’m making my way to my computer to check and reply to emails and do
my recurring tasks, like stats, accounting, budget, marketing.
10.00 start prepping lunch and work in between it cooking
11.00 we all 3 eat lunch together and enjoy conversation around the table
11.30 I head back to my computer to dive in to client work
12.00 Finn goes to nap
14.30 I collect my niece from school in the neighbouring suburb
15.00 carry on with client work and have any scheduled meetings or calls with potential clients
16.45 close everything up, put my computer to sleep and take Violet to the train station
17.00 outside play until Richard gets home from work
17.45 start making dinner while Finn and Richard play golf outside
18.30 we’re trying to eat dinner with Finn now he’s a bit older so we’d usually do it around this
19.15 bath and bedtime madness
20.00 if I didn’t get to make dinner earlier, this is when I start but if we did, then this is when
Richard and I can start switching off for the day and enjoy some time alone together. Or Richard
studies and I potter around the house.
22.30 Usually head off to bed around this time and Finn joins us anytime between 11 and 1.

What gets you out of bed in the morning - what is your "why"?

Helping entrepreneurs gain much-needed clarity and connect with their brand, their essence and
their audience makes me excited! I love being able to guide them through a process of discovery
and help them understand that strategy doesn’t have to be difficult to understand or implement.
And then I adore being trusted to take their story and craft designs that speak to it, to their
audience, in way they could never have imagined. Turning their vision into a real and tangible and
refined brand that they feel confident in and aligned with, that gives me life!

Tell us something you have learnt from working for yourself.

That you are capable of learning and growing far more than you ever imagined. You’re able to
find the strength to travel through the dark, lonely and anxiety-filled days and you’re able to see
and share the joy as you travel through the days where work is abundant and your soul burns
with passion for your work and your clients or customers. But also that you desperately need
someone to share the journey with. Someone who will lessen the pain of working alone, who will
help you nurture ideas and vision, who will believe in you and challenge you.

Favourite place to go for coffee?

I don’t actually have a favourite go-to place. Right now, I’ll go anywhere that has large (but also
enclosed) areas that allow me 5 minutes of undisturbed sipping.

What does self-care look like for you?

Right now, self care looks like taking 10 minutes to indulge in a skincare routine every day,
meal-prepping and planning and stocking the freezer for the nights I just can’t imagine cooking
and practising patience, understanding and forgiveness within myself when I haven’t met my
expectations of myself.

Favourite Instagram accounts at the moment?

Oh my gosh, so many! I always get frustrated when people use this question or #followfriday to
share accounts that already have thousands of followers. Guys, they have enough! Let’s help
someone shine, too.

@wemakethings for all things handmade! Run by my friend, Danielle, and her family of makers,
expect to see pottery, crochet, 3D printing, woodwork and painting.

@ourstorytime Huma is an author living in London. Her stories are lovely and she speaks openly
and beautifully about difficult issues or race and gender inequalities.

@morganrapp designer of October Ink, mom of 3 and pretty real about all things mom life and
working! Expect to see cute baby photos and gorgeous interiors.

@tamsitam designer and stylist for Tapestry. Love her account for all things mom-life and
working from home. And just generally seeming to be superhuman in her ability to still run her
business and service clients and be fully booked with 2 littles!

Thank you Lorin for sharing your story with us.
You can find her website over at  and her instagram account @freckleddesignstudio.

Check back next week for another conversation with creatives story!

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