The importance of date night

28 February 2019

So recently, it's been a bit of a tough time for Mani and I.  Work, money, having young kids and everyday stresses of life can make you drift apart a bit if you don't maintain and work on your marriage.  It's a hard balance to get right, but like anything good in life, you have to work at it.  Kindness, compassion, compromise and quality time are a few of the key things to making sure you keep connected to each other.

Friends suggested we start doing a weekly date night.  One week I cook and Mani chooses a movie and the following week he cooks and I choose the movie.  We have each had a turn now and it has been amazing.  For me, having a meal cooked for me is something I deeply appreciate - as would anyone who does most of the cooking in one's household.  (I don't mind cooking at all - it's just nice to have a break once in a while!).  And also taking a night off from technology (cellphones/ipads), sewing, blogging, working and just sitting on the couch together after a lovely meal is a great way to relax and unwind in each others company.

So last week Mani cooked a delicious Chickpea Curry and we watched A Star is Born.  Obviously - by the end of the movie, I was sobbing - for those of you who have watched it you will understand.  Right?  It is a freaking AMAZING movie and I would watch it again.

So this week when it was my turn I started to think what I would cook - to be honest - I had no idea what to do and I wanted to do something different.  Then I remembered my friend Natalie had shared a post about her friend who had started curating seasonal snack boxes of delicious food, delivered to your door.  So I ordered a box (ours was plant-based), paid for it and it was personally delivered to my door by Gabi of Beuno Boards.  And it did not disappoint.  (To note - I did check with Mani that this adhered to the date night code since I would not technically be cooking and he obliged!)

While Mani put the kids to bed, I draped a blanket over our coffee table in the lounge, lit some candles and printed off this date night quiz for us to do - super fun!!.  We then enjoyed some very tasty food - fresh fruit, beetroot hummus, bread, crackers, nuts, veg rice paper rolls, date free chocolate peanut balls, fresh olives and dried fruit.  It was the perfect amount of food and really was such a treat.  At R350 including delivery I honestly think you can't go wrong!  Gabi also offers a classic board which includes cured meats, olives,cheeses, bread, fresh fruit and crackers with a dip.

And in Gabi's words; "Simply put, Beuno Boards has been an idea for over a year.  This is the way my family & friends eat when we're together: really good produce, lots of "everything" and mostly whole foods.  It takes courage to keep food simple while still expecting loads of deliciousness from it."  Such simple but wise words - and I can safely say that Gabi has started something amazing here!

And...if you fancy one for this weekend for a special date night or a treat just for you, a picnic with friends or supper on the beach - pop Gabi an email gabi.beunoboards(at) and mention this blog post and you will get 10% off your box!  Easy peasy!  Now, go and book some quality time in your calendar with someone you love.  It is so important.


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