Doing your bit for the planet and a GIVEAWAY with Rawco

8 April 2019

 I was listening to my friends Siobhan's podcast the other day about The Lost Art of Compassion (you can find it here) and I really resonated with the words that were spoken.  Her guest, Dane was chatting about compassion and how we may feel quite powerless to make changes for the planet as our actions or choices we make, may be insignificant to the crisis going on in the world at the moment.

Like, how on earth am I going to change anything - my actions will have little to no impact.  He goes on to say that the problem with this thinking is that it gives us this magical get out of jail free card and absolves us of old habits and cultural norms because everyone does it and going against the grain would be futile.

Such wise and true words and it made me realise we need to face the truth - we can all make a change-  and you can do this by living according to your core values like being kind to others, not exploiting animals and reducing your impact on the environment.

You can make a simple choice by doing no harm to our planet - in whatever form you feel you can.

And that leads me onto Raw Co. - which represents authentic, sustainable and a responsible approach to life.

RAW Co. stands for Real & Authentic Ware which is a collective of products made from natural and recyclable materials.  I am giving away a Cotton netting bag which is perfect for taking to the shops to pop in some loose fruit or veg or any small items.

You see - if we all make a small effort - and none of us used the plastic bags at the shops then there would be less of a need for them.  We all have to take some responsibility.

I also got some hemp scrubbies for cleaning but you can also use them as a body scrubber too.  You could even clean your veggies with them.

The next item on my wishlist is this razor - a plastic-free alternative to those awful ones you get in the shops.  It comes in its own travel case with 4 blades.

So to enter the giveaway and stand a chance to win the bag and make a change to our planet all you need to do is:

1. Follow me @claire_choudhry on Instagram
2. Follow @rawco_za on Instagram
3. Comment below with a small change you are going to make to be kinder to our planet.
4. Tag ONE friend who you think would be inspired by this.

Winner will be announced on Friday 12th April.
The bag will be shipped to the winner direct from Rawco.


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