The Gathered By Claire Podcast - Ep 4: Chiropractics, wellbeing and getting out of your comfort zone with Dr Greg Venning

29 April 2019

This week I am chatting to Dr Greg Venning - a Certified Wellness Practioner, Chiropractor and Speaker.

In this episode we chat about chiropractic care and how this can benefit your wellbeing and learning about our bodies.

We also dive into finding your why and getting out of your comfort zone to make things happen.

As described on his website:

"Dr Greg Venning is the author of the powerful book Thrive, founder of Peak Chiropractic and developer of Upgrade Your Life. He is passionate in helping you and your family your to get more out of life. Dr Greg Venning is not like most doctors. He is interested in your human potential and personal performance and helping you live your bigger life, a life of significance and fulfil your dreams. He helps people like you to create health, not just treat disease."

I really enjoyed chatting with Greg and I hope you find it as interesting as I did!


The Thrive book
Peak Chiropractic
Dr Greg Venning on Facebook

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