The Gathered by Claire Podcast - Ep. 5 Tracking your cycle using the fertility awareness method & learning to trust your body with Rona Mirimi

20 May 2019

Oh I loved chatting to Rona Mirimi in this episode.  She is one of my heroes and is super passionate about trusting your body, learning to love your body and understanding how it all works.  We chat about the fertility awareness method, periods, hormones and contraception and how they affect our body and the way it works.


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DIY Framed Flower Art | Mother's Day Craft Idea

10 May 2019

It's Mother's Day in South Africa on Sunday and I am not sure about you but a handmade item made with so much love and attention means the world to me.  It is so important to let your children pour their love into something to give you.  And my kids are always keen to do some arts and crafts.  This idea is something that is super affordable, gets them outside and looks so pretty hung up in your house.

All you need is:
Cardboard cut into frames
Flowers/leaves/grass from the garden or a walk at the park
Contact Paper

I cut the cardboard without the kids with my craft knife - just much easier, quicker and safer without little fingers wanting to help!

I then gave them the cardboard frames to colour in and do as they please.
Once they were finished, they picked some flowers - I pressed some overnight and others were fresh on the day.  It didn't make that much of a difference so don't worry if this is a last minute gift!  Just pick flowers without a thick stem.

We then put the gathered nature on the contact paper's sticky side and placed the frame over it.  I left enough contact paper below the frame to cover the front - So the contact paper is on both sides of the frame and keeping the flowers stuck.

You can trim any excess contact paper and you are done!  They look beautiful stuck onto glass.
Isn't nature amazing?

A simple, beautiful and lovingly put together craft that would make any mom feel special.

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