Our weekend escapes

18 June 2019

I wanted to write about our weekends away so I have something to look back on, something to jog my memory as it fades over the years.  We are so privileged to be able to leave Cape Town any weekend we want to.  To get away from the buzz of this busy city and drive just 2 hours outside to what feels to be like our little bit of paradise.

Among fruit farms in the valley of Piket-Bo-Berg is a small holding which my Mom rents – she wanted an adventure and this was it.  It is so beautiful and quiet.  The views are amazing with mountains in eyesight out of every window.  Life seems so much simpler here.  Slower.  

You enjoy the simple things – a hot cup of coffee, the birds singing, going for a walk and watching the kids play for hours with sticks, mud, the animals or swimming in the pool.

We go for walks and call it bundu-bashing.  We explore down paths where no one has probably been before.  We collect dropped porcupine quills, search for frogs, examine the tiniest bugs and admire the views.  We talk about life, what things mean and allow the boys to just explore with no boundaries.  It is so rejuvenating and it lifts our spirits each weekend we come here.

I always have such a feeling of sadness when we have to leave, I really enjoy the drive now.  I put music on or my favourite podcast and listen to wise people talking about how to better my life in whatever which way.  
And I almost feel like I am leaving the answer behind when we head back to Cape Town.


I am forever grateful that Jack & Harry get to climb 200 year old oak trees, learn about fruit farms, animals, different seasons, growing vegetables, playing in a beautiful space and exploring nature in this setting.  We are so incredibly blessed.  And I am so glad I have these photos to remember this time by.

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