Visit the Cape Town Science Centre these holidays!

23 June 2019

The Cape Town Science Centre (CTSC) is such a special place in Cape Town - you wouldn't know from the outside that it houses a whole world of fun for the kiddo's with over 250 interactive exhibits.  We were so excited when we were gifted some tickets to try out their holiday program - we arrived early on Saturday morning and spent around 4-5 hours there.

Their holiday programme which is running until the 8th July is a sure-fire way to keep your kids busy for the day!  Plus with the in-house cafe you can have a coffee and donuts for some sustenance.

We learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed our day there - with a demonstration on pressure using balloons, nails and bricks, a science show about reactions, lots of activities like building with foam blocks and cement as well as their new friction slide, there is plenty there to keep the kids as well as the adults entertained.

For only R5 you can even attend a workshop and make your own edible slime!  The staff were amazing with the kids - we could literally just sit back and watch them enjoy the process and what kids doesn't love a bit of slime plus its edible!!!  No, there isn't much nutritional value but hey - it is the holidays right?!

A big thank you to the friendly and helpful staff for making our day there such fun - we will be back soon!

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