WIN! A Knock-a-Block set from Stumped Wooden toys

4 July 2019

Construction play is vital for our kids and is one of the many ways we can help them build a variety of skills and behaviours including physical skills, problem solving, testing ideas and planning.

I came across Stumped Wooden Toys via their Instagram account and immediately fell in love with their ethos and products - they are based in Knysna, South Africa and aim to source the best quality timber which is used to create their  handcrafted wooden toys that will withstand time as well as lots of little hands!  I love supporting small businesses - especially ones that think about product handmade, quality items for your kids - we are seriously trying to reduce our plastic in our house and wooden toys are such a beautiful gift to give to your children or their friends.

Children should be encouraged to explore and enjoy constructive play and the Knock-a-Block set from Stumped Wooden Toys offers them the perfect opportunity to do all of these things.  The Knock-a-Block set is such a brilliant idea - consisting of 9 equal blocks, dowels and a wooden hammer which comes in a storage container you would never think it would keep your kids busy! 

But it is the simple things guys and honestly my boys absolutely love their sets as well as all their friends who always run to pick up the set when they come and play.  Harry especially sits for ages, creating different things - the only issue comes in when I maybe have had enough of the hammering!

And the lovely team at Stumped are giving you the chance to win a Knock-a-Block set - all you have to do is follow me and Stumped Wooden toys on Instagram.  It is that easy. 

Winner will be announced on Monday 8th July.  
Open to South African residents only.  
Prize will be sent direct to the winner by Stumped Wooden Toys.


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